Natural Cold Prevention – Feel Better Fast!

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I am not a doctor.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor therefore I cannot give medical advice. You should seek medical advice from a medical professional before trying any home remedy. The following advice is based on my own experience.

This is a list of things that works for me.

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If you are getting sick-

Quick to do list:

    • Emergen-c – Follow instructions.
    • Chicken broth – Homemade is best. I drink 2 or 3 mugs a day when not feeling well.
    • Hot Tea – I like Earl Grey with honey and lemon.
    • Vitamin and nutrient rich meals – Homemade is best.
    • Andrographis -Follow the instructions.
    • Primal Defense Probiotic – Follow Instructions.
    • Fresh fruit – Oranges, apples, bananas.
    • Clean ears with hydrogen peroxide – Pour a small amount in each ear and leave till it stops bubbling.
    • Use a Neti pot – Follow instructions
    • Gargle with warm salt water – You can find instructions online.
    • Sauna – Don’t overdo it. Follow instructions.
    • Light exercise or cardio – Don’t overdo it. Get the heart rate up and sweat a little.
    • Get plenty of rest – Don’t sleep all day but give your body plenty of time for restoration.
    • Reduce stress – Don’t drink or smoke. Do things like meditate, yoga, read, laugh.


Why I wrote it and why you are reading it

Starting with the basics. A healthy home/office equals a healthier world. A little natural cold prevention now can save you a ton of misery and lost time later. When you are past that point and think you may have something, then there are a few things that I have found that can help stop it in its tracks or at least ease the symptoms and shorten its effects. The cold and flu season is here.


It is coming. It is right around the corner. You think summer went by fast? Just watch how fast we get to 2018. You know what comes in the next few months.

      • Holidays
      • Travel
      • Get together/ office parties
      • Football games
      • Baseball Playoffs games
      • NBA season starts-games
      • School is in full swing
      • Shopping
      • Stress
      • Bad weather
      • Allergies
      • Cold season
      • Flu Season
      • You get sick

Bummer. All this fun stuff really takes a toll on your immune system. When you are like me there are holiday parties with not so healthy food and booze. There are sporting events with horrible, delicious food and beer. There is a noticeable lack of rest. Business is usually booming so there is stress. Add in a little less time at the gym or exercise and you have a pretty epic ensemble for a battered immune system. We haven’t even discussed all the human contact and spread of germs, viruses and who knows what else. No wonder most of us come down with some form of crud. Even worse, sometimes more than once.

Right Away

If things are really good in your world then you are reading this while feeling 100% and all is well. If that’s the case then taking steps now will give you a better chance at staying that way all season. When you are one of those who have just a notion that you may be coming down with something then there may be hope. When you are one of those poor souls that know it’s coming on and it is only going to get worse than this can at the very least ease some symptoms. In any of these cases starting this right now is best.

Feel Better Fast

Again, back to the basics. A good diet with regular exercise, proper rest, stress management and some basic hygiene habits are the foundation for any solid natural cold prevention. There is no magic pill. Looking at this realistically it’s not an impossible feat.

Let us start with the diet. There is no way I’m going to sacrifice my hot dog and beers at the ball game. I will balance that dog and beer fest with a healthy breakfast and really nutritious meals the day before and after. Getting healthy meals on a regular basis will make a big difference. I like to buy a rotisserie chicken from Costco and remove the meat from the bone. I use those bones with other ingredients to make a chicken broth. I use that chicken broth with veggies from the farmers market to make various soups and casseroles. I keep fresh fruits on hand and make an effort to have some daily. Fruits like oranges, bananas, apples and dates all have amazing health benefits.

On that same note I always make sure I have a solid vitamin intake. I will have an Emergen-c almost daily. I also take some multi – vitamins. If I am going to a sporting event or traveling I will have two or three Emergen-c’s throughout the day and I will pair that with andrographis. Adding a probiotic to this mix only fortifies the strategy for an iron clad immune system.

There is no way after a long day at work that I am going to squeeze in a gym session before the company holiday party that evening. I will be sure to stay on track during that week and pay a little more attention to my overall activities. Just going for walks can be a big help here.

I usually overwork myself and with the social schedule overextend myself but during this time of year I always make time to catch up on rest. I will either take a day of light exercise and relaxing or squeeze in naps when I can.

We all have our stress management techniques. I am extra conscientious about taking time to check in with myself and manage that stress daily. The good thing about exercise is that it helps with stress. That’s two birds with one stone.

This one is a biggie, hygiene. I am a clean person. I am not talking about showers and brushing my teeth. I assume we are all up to par in those areas. Again it’s a basic principle/habit. Washing your hands. Often. Properly. I make every effort not to touch my face especially in public.

A few other things I do when I feel a cold coming:

Clean my ears with hydrogen peroxide, use a Neti pot to cleanse my sinus cavity, gargle with warm salt water and take a long hot shower. Drink hot tea with honey and lemon.


This time of year our immune system gets tested. The best thing we can do is to strengthen it as best we can. When you are feeling a cold coming on you can use these things to help. I wish you all the best.

If you have any questions or would like to share things that work for you please leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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15 thoughts on “Natural Cold Prevention – Feel Better Fast!”

  1. Colds are so common and I think we can all agree that no one enjoys having a cold. The horrible blocked nose is the worst thing about it for me. I find that vitamin c in fruit and whole foods works exceptionally well. Rest is the best medicine and I like your suggestion for the sauna to unblock the airways.

    1. I agree colds are not fun and vitamin c from fruit is amazing. I just did a small post on Andrographis. Be sure to check that out. Thanks for the comment.

    2. Thanks for the comment. Chicken broth can be great for unblocking those sinuses as well. Add a little Tabasco and things can start to open pretty quick. Be sure to check back for new info and great products that can help. Have a great winter!

  2. What a great time for a post like this!! Living on the West coast of BC, Canada keeping healthy is a way of life, and with cold season here, it is even more important to follow your suggestions. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the comment and be sure to check out my post on Andrographis. It is a big help for the immune system. Also check back for more great info and products that can help.

  3. HI, thanks for this great article. I always catch a cold in fall and winter time. I think my immune system is not so good considering the poor diet rich in carbohydrates and wheat. I like your quick to do list and I will try to apply most of your tips. Thanks for that

  4. Nice Article..
    Health is wealth as they say.
    It always pays off to take good care of oneself.
    Nice tips in reminding us about ourselves and the importance of cleanliness.
    Keep on posting those healthy insights!!
    Cheers to our Health.

  5. Lovely article. This is great advice for so many people for this time of year.
    You are providing a great service, as less people sniffing and sneezing all over the place means less people passing it on to others too, which can be a pain.
    One thing I have when I have a cold or flu is blocked ears so the hydrogen peroxide remedy I will definitely try for next time.
    Keep it up, really useful information. Thank you.

    1. I’m not sure if the hydrogen peroxide in your ears when they are clogged would be good or not. Check with your G.P. or a doctor before doing that. It is great before you get to that point. If someone in your office is sick or you are traveling then you want to use the peroxide in your ears to prevent the cold from setting in and you getting sick. Thanks for the comment and be sure to check back for new info and products that can help. Survive winter.
      All the best,

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